Film Director/Writer
Atsushi Abe


Graduated from the National Film & Television School, UK in 1994. International film festivals in UK, France, Ireland, Israel, Canada and Japan selected a short fiction film, "Island and Shadows", directed at the school. After returning to Japan in 1997, Atsushi started his career directing commercials, corporate videos, music videos, and documentaries. Atsushi's work has earned him a reputation for stylish, yet strong, visual images. In 2004, Atsushi set up his production office, Abe Jimusho Ltd., in Tokyo to direct and produce videos for worldwide.


Awards/Film festivals;
"KOYASAN" Kirin Compemporary Awards, Award for Excellence
"SEASONS END" London Internetional Film Festival
1994 "ISLAND AND SHADOWS" Cork, Vancouver, Poitier and Tel Aviv Film Festivals
"ISLAND AND SHADOWS" Kirin Compemporary Awards, Award for Excellence
2004 "ADMT Advertising-Mirror of Society" Japan Industry Film Contest, Award for Excellence
2010 "KDDI The Initiation of Ninja Magic" Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, Siver Prize
2011 "World Vision Japan CF" Transit Advertising Awards,
Award for Excellence

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